"...holy cow, what a collection of awesome plans and great information!"

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Here's what's included:

Work Bench

Normally $9.97

Premium Table Saw Sled

Normally $14.97

Dovetailing Sled Attachment

Normally $4.97

Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence

Normally $4.97

Super Storage Tool Hutch

Normally $14.97

Thin-Rip Push Block

Normally $4.97

Taper / Jointer Sled

Normally $9.97

Spline Cutting Jig

Normally $9.97

Slab Planing Jig

Normally $9.97

Runner Fine-Tuner

Normally $4.97

Benchtop Router Table

Normally $9.97

Router Cabinet

Normally $14.97

Outfeed Table

Normally $4.97

Moxon Vise

Normally $9.97

Mortising Jig

Normally $14.97

Mobile Miter Saw Station

Normally $9.97

Miter Sled

Normally $4.97

Miter Saw Station

Normally $9.97

Mini Table Saw Sled

Normally $9.97

Frame Clamping Jig

Normally $4.97

Drill Station

Normally $9.97

Drill Press Caddy

Normally $9.97

Box Joint Jig

Normally $9.97

Coffee Table

Normally $4.97

End Table (ver. 1)

Normally $4.97

End Table (ver. 2)

Normally $4.97

Tall Dresser

Normally $14.97

Rustic TV Console

Normally $4.97

Sofa-Arm Table

Normally $4.97

A total value of $254.13...
But you won't be paying NEAR that!
Plus, I'm also throwing in these plans...

Lumber Rack

(free bonus)

Rustic Dog Kennel

(free bonus)

Garden Bench

(free bonus)

Kid’s Work Bench

(free bonus)

Kid’s Book & Toy Shelf

(free bonus)

Circular Saw Edge Guide

(free bonus)

Wine Rack

(free bonus)

Grill Cart

(free bonus)

Clamp Hanging Station

(free bonus)

Drawer Pull / Knob Jig

(free bonus)

Quilt Rack

(free bonus)

Flip-Top Tool Station

(free bonus)

That's a LOT of projects!

...projects that help you grow your skills and improve your shop!

And these plans are SO easy to follow...

Clear Modeling
High Quality Diagrams
Cut List
Tool, Material, And Cut Lists
Easy To Follow Illustrations
Detailed Instructions
Lots Of Visuals
Details For Every Step And Joint
Efficient Cutting Diagrams
Every Detail Laid Out Clearly
Clear Illustrations
Multiple Angles And Views

Glyn J.
from Ipswich, England

"Really detailed and very clear..."

“…The plans are really detailed and very clear and they show everything that you need to do in easy to understand steps…
Adam emailed me a few days after downloading the plans to see if I had any questions and I thought this was excellent aftercare service…”

And what about video content?
Sign up today and get FULL ACCESS to my Project Tutorial Video Library!
Videos include a complete narrated walk-through, plus tips and tricks along the way...

Premium Table Saw Sled Build Tutorial

(1 video)

Moxon Vise Build Tutorial

(1 video)

Sofa-Arm Table Build Tutorial

(6 videos)

Box Joint Jig Build Tutorial

(1 video)

Spline Jig Build Tutorial

(1 video)

Slab Planing Jig Build Tutorial

(1 video)

Complete Router Cabinet Build Guide

(3 videos)

Complete “Dovetail Box Mastery” Course

(21 videos)

And I won't stop there... You'll also get full access to my Video Training Vault.
That's 27 more videos, full of helpful tips, tricks, and must-know techniques!

See what other customers are saying...

Derek J

Derek J.
from Caledon, S. Africa

"Well done this stuff is brilliant!"

“Hi Adam, I bought the package this morning and had a quick look at the table saw sled plans etc. Well to say I’m blown away is an understatement. Well done this stuff is brilliant.”


Ron M.
from Brisbane, Queensland

"My money was well spent..."

“My money was well spent when I decided to sign up to your site Adam, thank you and keep up the great content, it is much appreciated!”


Kenny Y.
from Bullhead City, AZ

"Wood Shop Essentials is the best bang for the buck!!

…the jigs are fantastic and mind opening. Dollar for dollar “Wood Shop Essentials” is the best bang for the buck!! I recommend to all my friends and family woodworkers. Thanks Adam…”

But I'm Still Not Done!

You'll even get my full library of downloadable woodworking articles!
78 high-quality articles I wrote myself, packed FULL of helpful, modern tips, techniques, strategies, projects, and tool guides!
Ogranized into 5 categories...
1. Woodworking 101
2. Beginner Projects
3. Tools & Shop Talk
4. Techniques
5. Wood Finishes

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Adam Henley. I’m a 10+ year woodworking hobbyist and blogger, and digital arts professional.

I’ve built my online woodworking business as a side hustle, and in the process I’ve helped thousands of other woodworkers from all backgrounds.

I mostly focus on projects and training that helps turn a small inefficient work space, into an incredible, highly productive and capable wood shop.

So if you’re working from a basement, a garage, or even a shed, there are ways you can do more as a woodworker than you probably ever imagined.

Let me show you!

Read my articles, watch my videos, and build my projects (you’ll love the plans by the way) –  you’ll find out real quick what all the excitement is about!

And How About Some Bonuses!

BONUS #1 Make Money Woodworking Ebook

Start earning a living doing what you love, from home!

BONUS #2 Free Plans Directory of Websites

You’ll find just about any project you can think in this massive collection of resources!

BONUS #3 Setting Up Shop for Woodworking Ebook

Save up to 70% on new tool purchases, and set up your dream shop in the process!

BONUS #4 Must-Have Woodworking Printables

Great references and jig templates to use in your shop – makes woodworking smoother!


Brad D.
from Lenexa, KS

"...The plans are great. Some of the best I have seen..."

“…The plans are great. Some of the best I have seen for detail and explaining things to this noob… I finished the sled and the instructions and drawings were great. Best I have seen. Better than Woodsmith, Wood, Woodworkers Guild of America. Definitely better than Shopnotes…”


Cody S.
from Chicago, IL

"Thanks for the great plans!"

The new sled is complete and I love it!! Used the 45-degree jig and got a perfect picture frame. I added a place to hold my pencils, square and tape measure since I’m always looking for one. Thanks for the great plans!”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t like what you see, contact us and simply ask for a refund. You get an entire 60 days to try out the plans before making that decision. That means ZERO RISK TO YOU!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I made Wood Shop Essentials with the beginner-intermediate woodworker in mind. But to get the most out of it, you should have at least basic working knowledge of your power tools, making cuts, and shop safety.

Otherwise, I’ve made the plans very easy to follow and understand, so beginners can easily make sense of them. 

Plus, these jigs and other tool enhancers are incredibly useful for beginners . . . and you won’t outgrow them anytime soon! In fact, I still use them myself for projects in the intermediate-advanced range.

My plans are all high quality, professionally designed, and come with a money-back guarantee.

You should also consider the potential cost of using free plans. Free plans come with zero support . . . and if they’re poorly designed or poorly explained, you may be left high and dry in the middle of a project. That means wasted time and wasted materials. 

But when you join Wood Shop Essentials, you’ll get email support from me personally. 

And I stand behind my plans 100%, so I also offer a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee. That means I have a real incentive to make sure my plans are accurate and helpful and do what I say they’ll do. 

That’s something you won’t get with any free plan you find online.

Every plan as described on this page is a pdf file that you can download. You can download them as you need them, or you can download everything as soon as you join.

However you want to download the files, they are completely accessible from day one, and once you download the file, it’s yours to keep forever.

Once you have the files on your computer, they can be printed as many times as you’d like. 

The only restriction, as stated in our terms, is that you do not redistribute the plans to others, paid or otherwise. 

Some common and suggested tools would be:

  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill Press
  • Router
  • Circular Saw

You should also have some basic hand tools. For example, you’ll need a way to cut curves. If you don’t have a scroll saw or band saw, you can use a jigsaw, or even a coping saw.

You’ll also need a drill and a pocket hole jig.

In each project I lay out all the tools and bits required to complete the project — that way there are no surprises halfway through.

If you’re a complete beginner and have no tools, you’ll need to invest in the basics. To help you, as a member of Wood Shop Essentials you’ll get access to a bonus ebook, Setting Up Shop. This ebook includes shopping lists for all budgets, plus handy money-saving tips for your tool purchases.

All Wood Shop Essentials plans, as well as the included furniture projects, I make with both imperial and metric measurements included.

Depending on where you are, some items I use may or may not be easy for you to find locally. 

I typically use Amazon to find items I can’t find easily in my area. 

To make sure you can find what you need, when you join Wood Shop Essentials, you’ll get access to my Project Material Sources page. This page includes Amazon links to the items I vouch for and personally use when building my projects.

Yes. I take the security of your credit card and other personal information very seriously. 

That’s why I’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal. They offer extra layers of protection, including an encryption layer on the transaction, to ensure that your payment information is safe.

Your card information will only be seen and handled by these payment processors. I will not be able to access your card information in any way. You honestly have a higher chance of credit card fraud at your local gas stations than you do using the Stripe or PayPal payment processors.

Don’t worry, included is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

So you’re not risking anything at all!

Have a close look at all the material. If the projects and plans don’t help you make breakthroughs in your woodworking skills, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll happily refund you.

The offer made on this page does not include any physical products. All plans are available immediately to download online, and all video content can be streamed online.  The pdf files (the downloads) are provided in HD so you can print them yourself as needed.

You will be able to purchase a pre-loaded usb flash drive separately after you join. For that, a shipping address will be required.

No absolutely not.

We are in no way affiliated with Ted’s Woodworking.

Wood Shop Essentials is made of plans and content that I, Adam Henley, actually create myself (minus a few plans that I purchased the rights to).

All my plans are up to date, modern, high definition, and in color.

Each plan is its own file, so you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages searching for the project you want. Just open the individual pdf file for the project you want to build.

Inside Wood Shop Essentials, you will NOT find scanned, low quality, outdated, public domain, or ripped off plans of any sort.

And MORE member feedback...


Art M.
from Gulf Breeze, FL

"Holy cow what a collection of awesome plans..."

“I just paid for the Woodshop Essentials and holy cow, what a collection of awesome plans and great information. I am in the process of building my shop in an outbuilding and this couldn’t come at a better time.”


Rick K.
from Nashville, TN

"I can't believe I've lived this long without these!"

“These are all nice additions to my shop. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without these! I have to say, your designs are based on Woodworking experiences. Glad I joined!”


Ken F.
from Ocean Springs, MS

"I love the wood plans..."

“I love the wood plans. Very easy to follow, everything is in such detail. I am glad to be a member…”

Mike h

Mike H.
from State College, PA

"...A valuable addition to my library of reference material..."

“I find this resource a valuable addition to my library of reference materials. I have built the table saw cross cut sled and the dovetail jigs that go with it. Your tips are insightful and relevant to what most of us intermediate beginner woodworkers need to know and don’t have the time to discover on our own.”

Project Photos from Real Members


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John W.
from Birmingham, England

"I am delighted with what I see..."

“I am delighted with what I see on essentials project plans. So far I have made the crosscut sled which worked out really well, the plans were so easy to follow. I am now working on the mitre sled and a modified workbench.
I am keeping it a bit quiet from my grown up family at the moment before the orders start rolling in.”


Rick U.
from Bawlf, Alberta

"Having a lot of fun, thanks again!"

“Hey Adam I want to thank you for all the work you did on Wood Shop Essentials. I have had my life time subscription for about a week now and find it incredible. I have made the thin rip jig and I have got everything ready to go together for the table saw sled and the jointer jig.… Having a lot of fun thanks again!”


Mark S.
from Lawrence, KS

"... the best program I've found"

“WoodShop Essentials is the best program I’ve found for solving the small shop problem. I say this because of Adam’s approach to using shop-created jigs will greatly improve a small space. Plans for shop tools that increase the accuracy of cuts, simplify complex processes like mortise & tenon joinery and maximize workspace efficiency are well thought out and clear.


Ross G.
from Chandler, TX

"It makes things a lot faster. Thank you..."

I made your table saw sled, great build… It is the first time I have built a table saw sled, I did not think that I needed one, I was wrong; it makes a lot of things faster. Thank you…


Gerry O.
from Philpot, KY

"I wish I had signed up earlier!"

Wow! Great website! I wish I had signed up earlier!


Brad D.
from Lenexa, KS

"...What an improvement!!!! I am so impressed!..."

“…Adam, I just finished going through the plans for the mobile miter saw. What an improvement!!!! I am so impressed! I am a very visual person and the use of color in your drawings helped tremendously.
Thank you.”  [Brad’s 2nd testimonial]


from Arizona

"I'd recommend to anyone..."

Lots of ideas and helpful information. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in woodworking.


from Rapid City, SD

"It’s great to have this resource available..."

I am impressed with the ease of access and navigation. It’s great to have this resource available, I’ve saved it to my “favorites”!
Well done, I continue to be pleased with my purchase.


from Holyoke, MA

"LOVE the plans and info on your site!!"

“Building the tool charging station and then moving on to the frame jig. LOVE the plans and info on your site!!”

60-Day Money Back Guarantee | 100% Secure Encrypted Checkout