How To Build The Wood Projects You Want, Without A Lot Of Tools, Space, Or Experience

Hey guys, I’m Adam, and I’m a self-taught woodworker.

Quick question…

Do you want to start creating projects like these:

Hey guys, I’m Adam, and I’m a self-taught woodworker.
Quick question… Do you want to start creating projects like these:

And would you like to do it without a large shop full of expensive tools…

Then keep reading, I’ll show you how.

The key is building and utilizing the right shop-enhancing projects…

By doing so, your woodworking skills will skyrocket.

You can practically eliminate the “Human-Error” element from your cuts and joints.

And this results in increased precision and accuracy.

Woodworking becomes a methodical, simple series of steps…

You’ll always know what to do next…

How to make cuts match and joints line up…

How to do it all with consistency…

And it all starts with developing 

A “Jig Mindset”

What I’m about to show you is a collection of projects I’ve designed, built, and used over the last few years.

These exact projects have allowed me to transform my garage into a fully functional Wood Shop.

Certain jigs and sleds have allowed me to master all sorts of cuts, and advanced joinery techniques.

Once I started using these jigs and sleds…

I immediately saw huge improvement in my…

  * Precision

  * Consistency

  * Accuracy

  * Squareness

  * Joinery

And I’m convinced anyone can build these, and get the same results.

I’ve never been “formally” trained, I got my woodworking degree from Youtube Academy…. (not a real thing)…

But in doing that, I figured out

What To Avoid And What To Focus On

Because I also learned:

  * Youtube pro-woodworkers have big shops

  * They have all the big expensive tools they need

  * They use and teach “Shop Class Woodworking”

Instead, we should be learning “Small Shop Woodworking”.

That’s how we get the same, professional results, but without the big professional shop.

As I figured this stuff out, and started building my own tools and tool-enhancers…

This allowed me to quickly advance my woodworking skills, by

  * Saving Money

  * Saving Space

  * Improving my Capabilities

In no time, I was able to master my table saw…

I developed a simple and efficient work flow…

I was turning heads, and getting requests for custom orders left and right…

And I finally felt like a good woodworker!

If you’d like that same feeling, then:

Here’s What You Should Build…

Premium Table Saw Sled
Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence
Taper / Jointer Sled
Mortising Jig
Moxon Vise
Thin-Rip Push Block
Super-Storage Work Bench
Table Saw Outfeed Table
Benchtop Router Table
Helper Jigs
Drill Press Caddy
Space-Saving Clamp Hangers
Table Saw Dovetailing Jig
Table Saw Box Joint Jig
Table Saw Spline Cutting Jig

And there you have it!

Here’s a quick recap…

Build these projects and you’ll be AMAZED at what you can accomplish in your wood shop!

Now, at this point you have pretty much 2 options.

1 – you could attempt to build these on your own, using my pictures and tips as a guideline on how to design your own versions.

or 2…

I can provide you with incredibly detailed, highly rated, professional plans, for each and every project shown above.

That’s what Wood Shop Essentials is all about!

Guys, this is a big part of what I do for a living, I design projects like these, and I build really high-quality plans for them.

Just check out a few of the emails I’ve received from happy customers:


“…My first thought was that the sled plans alone are worth what I paid for access. I’m not much of a woodworker but I think with WSE I can get a lot better.” 

~ Jerry S. from New Caney, Texas


“…The plans are great. Some of the best I have seen for detail and explaining things to this noob…

I finished the sled and the instructions and drawings were great. Best I have seen. Better than Woodsmith, Wood, Woodworkers Guild of America. Definitely better than Shopnotes…”

~ Brad D. from Lenexa, Kansas


“Thanks for the plans. I think it took me 2 pretty solid days and every tool in my arsenal. Now I need a project to use it on. Note the drill press caddy in the background. Love that one, too.” 

~ Don P. from Fort Myers, Florida


“I love the wood plans. Very easy to follow, everything is in such detail.”

~ Ken F. from Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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