Wood Shop Essentials

Shop-Made Upgrades For Woodworkers

Improve your accuracy, gain consistency in your cuts, organize your shop, improve the functionality of your tools, and grow your skills in the process. Wood Shop Essentials is here to help you take years away from your learning curve, eliminate your struggles, and get more satisfaction from the best hobby in the world – woodworking!

Picture Framing Presentation

"To say I'm blown away is an understatement..."

“…I bought the package this morning and had a quick look at the table saw sled plans etc. Well to say I’m blown away is an understatement. Well done this stuff is brilliant.

Finally Achieve Master-Like Precision

By reducing the potential for human-error from your cuts, and instead using high quality jigs and table saw sleds (with the appropriate attachments), you can finally gain control over your projects and produce accurate cuts with consistency.

Space Saving

Projects to help you get more from a small space

Safety Focused

Equip yourself to handle more tasks with fewer risks

Functional Projects

With each project you'll be able to accomplish more

Transform Your Shop

One of the biggest struggles many woodworkers have is lack of organization. This can kill your productivity, and your motivation. So if you’re ready to build out your wood shop and get control of your work space, Wood Shop Essentials has you covered!

“…Holy cow what a collection of awesome plans and great information!”
– Art from Gulf Breeze, FL

Start building projects like these...
So you can get better at projects like these...

"the jigs are fantastic and mind opening..."

“…the jigs are fantastic and mind opening. Dollar for dollar “Wood Shop Essentials” is the best bang for the buck!! I recommend to all my friends and family woodworkers…”