How To Build The Wood Projects You Want, Without A Lot Of Tools, Space, Or Experience

And Take “Small Shop Woodworking” To A New Level!

Great news – I’ve designed an entire collection of really helpful jigs and other shop projects, and I made professional plans for each.

Everything has a central focus; To get more from a small, under-tooled shop.

I want to show you exactly what I’ve designed, and what it can do for you, but first…

Quick question: Do You Want To…

  • Grow your woodworking skills
  • Take on more advanced and rewarding projects
  • Impress your friends and family with what you create
  • Literally build anything you can dream up
  • Even from a small, under-tooled wood shop…?

Then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

But first, a warning…

Before you read ANY more, please understand this is NOT for woodworkers with access to large work shops.

If you have lots of space and all the power tools the pros use, then what I have to offer you will probably not help.

And it’s NOT for woodworkers with “proper” training. Everything taught and used here is approached with a “simpler is better” mindset.

I’ve found this mindset reduces overwhelm and gets us through our struggles much faster.

So if you’re into woodworking theory and history (and tedious perfectionism), then this is not for you.

It’s NOT for professionals. If you already have the techniques figured out, and a fully functional shop, then you probably don’t need the help I can offer.

And finally, it’s NOT for the “woodworking by hand” people. I love power tools, and I use them – the Right ones, the Important ones.

If you don’t like that, this is definitely not for you.

Here’s the deal,

What you’re getting here is the exact projects, techniques, and plans that I use myself to take on any woodworking project I want.

And while I can’t promise you’ll have similar results, I believe that if you follow and use what I have to teach, you can become a great Small-Shop-Woodworker.

I don’t promise a magic button. And I’m not a Youtube woodworking guru that knows everything.

I’ve grown my skills as a woodworking hobbyist, from my garage, with limited tools.

I want to show you how to do the same. How far you take it is completely up to you.

With that said, let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

Wood Shop Essentials is a membership site that is for beginner and intermediate woodworkers.

The singular focus for you inside, will be this:

Getting more from your tools, by utilizing the proper shop jigs and table saw sleds, while transforming your space into a functional and efficient wood shop.

And even more specifically, I’m providing you with:

Highly rated, highly detailed woodworking plans for lots of jigs, sleds, and other shop projects.

AND – you get access to my Training Vault where I’ll teach you how to use these jigs to take on more advanced cuts and joinery techniques.

These training videos are all geared towards simplified, small-shop woodworking, but still result-driven. 

All the while, helping you improve your accuracy, your consistency, and your overall capabilities as a woodworker.

I also provide furniture plans, the kind that don’t require all the expensive tools, but instead they’re all focused on and around the jigs and sleds that are included with Wood Shop Essentials.

I also provide project tutorial videos to help get you started, where I walk you through step by step, building projects.

In a nutshell, I provide the projects and the guidance you need, to do what I’ve claimed as my main goal:

To help you get more from a small work space and limited tools.

But It’s MORE Than Just A Library Of Awesome Plans And Videos

It’s a mindset, a paradigm shift. It’s going to open your eyes and remove your invisible hurdles.

Most beginners get caught up in watching youtube videos, which is a roadblock in and of itself.

Have you spent hours watching youtube, so called “Learning” from the gurus?

Don’t get me wrong, many of them are impressive.

But how often do you find yourself admiring their techniques, just to realize you don’t even have the tools you need to do things their way…

That’s why I want to help you take on a new mentality with your woodworking.

A new approach entirely – by EMBRACING the fact that you have a small shop, and limited tool access.

All it really means is that you don’t have as much money tied up in your shop.

But you can still get the results you want, you just need to use some different, ‘outside-the-box’ techniques.

Here’s why this is a GOOD thing…

It forces efficiency, creativity, and ingenuity, and nevertheless, you can accomplish the outcomes of the Pros, without all the tools they use.

And The Best Part – It Keeps Growing!

I continually add more plans, more projects, and more videos to the members area.

So once inside, not only will get IMMEDIATE access to everything I’ve made so far…

But as long as you remain a member, you’ll get all the updates and the new stuff as soon as I add it!

From The Downloads Page


Taper / Jointer Sled

  • Handles all your basic edge-jointing needs.
  • Removes rough cut, crooked, or live edges, safely and easily.
  • Add a custom straight edge at any angle to a project piece, perfect for manually fixing unsquare panels, cabinet doors, and drawer faces.
  • Perfect for initial milling down of rough cut lumber to produce square, usable work pieces.
  • Repeatable, precise tapering made easy for your decorative table legs.

Vertical Cut Fence

  • Sturdy design made for safe and reliable vertical-oriented cutting.
  • Great for cutting raised panels for your doors.
  • Tall enough to support small to medium panels for cutting edge grooves, perfect for doing breadboard ends.
  • Easily handles cutting notches and tenons at the ends of your work piece.
  • Plenty of clamping area - larger pieces can easily be clamped in place to the fence.

Premium Table Saw Sled

  • Precision, square, clean crosscutting made easy!
  • Finally a table saw sled that you can grow and adapt with, takes custom attachments for doing custom operations.
  • Comes with the miter guide for cutting quick 45s.
  • Integrated stop block for quick setting crosscuts, as well as duplicating cuts for precision repeatability.
  • Small-piece clamp attachment - Safely and confidently cut small pieces while keeping your hands clear from the blade.

Thin-Rip Push Block

  • Thin-ripping strips made easy - Make thin strips identical and safely using your table saw's fence and this push shoe.
  • Supports various thicknesses - Quickly adjust the elevation of the leveling guide so the push shoe rests flat on the stock, regardless of how thick it is.
  • Safe and stable design - Push thru the entire cut with the adjustable guide riding on the table saw surface, making it very stable and safer than other designs.


Super-Storage Work Bench

  • Solid double-layer plywood top - easier to build and simple to changeout if you ever find the need
  • Tons of storage space - Includes 8 drawers to immediately help you get organized in your shop.
  • Hardwood drawer slides - Discover the simple, less expensive, and super effective way to use strips of hardwood to make long lasting, smooth acting drawer slides.
  • Quick-clamp hanging rack - easily accessible rack to hang your quick-clamps on, and anything else you want.

Table Saw Outfeed Table

  • Easily customize it to fit your table saw, so you can get the benefits of a premium outfeed table no matter how big or how small your saw is.
  • Using the material I suggest makes the surface super smooth, so any board easily slides across, without EVER needing wax or any kind of finish.
  • Doubles as a solid and durable work surface or assembly table, plus lower shelf storage, because you should be getting extra use from anything that takes up floor space.
  • The feet are built in a way that you can fine-tune the height, so it's just a fraction lower than the table saw and you'r outfeeding will always be smooth with no catch.

Router Table

  • Fits standard sized routers and trim routers
  • Designed to fit commercially available feather boards
  • Dust collection built in
  • Plenty storage and hanging space on the sides for collets, wrench, push sticks, bits, and more.
  • Large base makes it stable, and easy to clamp to your work bench.
  • Simple design makes it easier to customize, and lightweight so you can store it to the side when you don't need it.

Clamp-Hanging Racks

  • Space saving design, holds MORE clamps in LESS wall space
  • Make it as long or as short as you need it for the clamps you have
  • Works with F-style bar clamps, C-clamps, pipe clamps, parallel jaw clamps, and quick clamps

Drill Press Caddy

  • Fence system - Accurate and repeatable drilling made easy.
  • Integrated track system - you can build additional attachments for your drill press using the track system.
  • Organized bit storage - No more misplaced drill bits!



Router Mortising Jig

  • Create repeatable and accurate mortises - This jig allows you to quickly make duplicating mortises accurately a breeze.
  • Handles loose tenon mortises - With a simple adjustment, the fence supports vertical pieces so you can mortise in the end grain of your rails, stiles, aprons, and stretchers, which would be used for loose tenon joinery.
  • Designed to fit your work bench - With the broad base design, you have plenty of surface to clamp the jig in place at the back corners.

Table Saw Box Joint Jig

  • Finally - A shop made jig for cutting box joints that works for different size joints, and different sized fingers!
  • Works in conjunction with your table saw's miter gauge, so you can quickly get through the build process and start making drawers and boxes!
  • Extended fence allows for cutting notches or crosslap joints at any customizable distance along the fence, consistently. Perfect for grid-pattern projects like lattice work and grid-top coffee tables.

Dovetailing Jig

  • Plywood construction - requires little material and can probably be made from scrap you already have.
  • Designed for use with your new table saw sled - sized for and attaches to the premium table saw sled you'll be building as part of Wood Shop Essentials.
  • Much easier to learn - Using this jig is intuitive and practical. It's way simpler than the traditional method of handcutting dovetails, and looks much more authentic than machined dovetails using a router.



Picture Frame Clamping Jig

  • Expedite your frame assembly - Glue and clamp your entire miter-cornered picture frame in 1 step, tightly and perfectly square.
  • Adjustable clamping surfaces - With the long arms and multiple positioning holes, this jig supports just about any size of picture frame.

Wood Shaving Jig

  • For fine-tuning wood strips - Make runners, inlays, and more, precisely the width you need by shaving off 1 to 5 thousandths of an inch at a time. Be sure to watch the included demonstration videos.
  • Much easier than a table saw - Making thin strips that need additional precision, like runners and inlay, can be a pain using just the table saw. This makes fine-tuning simple.
Created with GIMP

Drawer Knob Installation Jig

  • Setup and go - Once you set this up on the first drawer face, it's ready to quickly mark the rest of the drawers.
  • Works with all standard pulls - There are 6 industry standard dimensions for drawer pulls - each of which are included in this design. Plus a center hole for single-hole knob installation.
  • Easily transition between drawer sizes - With the horizontal placement set up with the mounting plate positioned, simply adjust the stop block to accomodate wider or narrower drawers.

Moxon Vise

  • Quick release design, easily push or pull the sliding jaw to position before tightening.
  • Creates an elevated work surface, great for detail work and dovetailing.
  • Hangs on your wall for easy storage when not in use.
  • Uses regular pipe clamp assemblies, which is much cheaper than specialty woodworking vise hardware.
  • Works fine with 3/4" or 1/2" pipes and pipe clamps.
  • Oversized work top behind the vise, includes holes for bench dogs.


Beginner to Intermediate skill-building furniture plans, highly detailed, easy to follow, and utilizes small-shop techniques.


Basic End Table


Kid's Toy/Book Shelf


Sofa-Arm Table


X-Door TV Console


Wine Rack


End Table w/ Pickets


Coffee Table

"I am delighted with what I see on Wood Shop Essentials project plans.

So far I have made the crosscut sled which worked out really well, the plans were so easy to follow. I am now working on the mitre sled and a modified workbench.

I am keeping it a bit quiet from my grown up family at the moment before the orders start rolling in!"
John W.
Birmingham, England
“Hi Adam, I bought the package this morning and had a quick look at the table saw sled plans etc. Well to say I’m blown away is an understatement. Well done this stuff is brilliant.”
Derek J.
Caledon, S. Africa

From The Videos Page


Complete video walk through for building the Box Joint Jig, the Moxon Vise, and I even through in a tutorial for the Sofa Arm Table furniture project, which used to be a paid course only, now included with Wood Shop Essentials.

Additional build-guide videos will be added to this section of the members area.

+ The Training Vault

This is a growing library of short tutorial videos that you can stream online.

You know how on youtube you gotta watch like a 20 minute video, just to find a simple technique that could have been explained in 3 minutes…?

Yeah, that wastes time, and I don’t like it. So I like to keep my videos on point, and as short as possible.

This is where I’ll teach you the concepts and the techniques when using the WSE jigs and sleds, while mastering ‘Small Shop Woodworking’.

Let me show you some screenshots of what’s inside…

From The Training Vault

In the Training Vault you’ll discover…

  • How easy it can be to make box joints on your table saw when you follow these step-by-step instructions.
  • How to remove a live edge from a board, even when it can't be safely cut using the rip fence.
  • The most important safety feature that will practically eliminate the chance for table saw kick back.
  • How to eliminate the dangerous practice of combining your miter gauge and rip fence. Use this method instead to make crosscutting safe again.
  • 2 steps you can take to create 4 perfectly identical tapered legs.
  • The one table saw jig that will stop your bevel cuts from drifting away from the fence as they so often end up doing.
  • The 1 thing you really should do when using the box joint jig, that will keep all your sockets the same depth, so you can have a better glue up.
  • The shop-made hold-down clamps that work with most sleds, that's actually easy to use even with different board thicknesses.
  • How to mark your legs for tapering when you don't have a jointer.
  • The one unusual feature for a sled that will keep the work piece from shifting during a cut, while also reducing the amount of clamping pressure needed to support it.
  • What you should never do when tapering legs on the table saw tapering sled.
  • You think all table saw rip cuts are made the same? Wrong! Learn the 3 main ways to support your work piece, depending on the size of the board.
  • An uncommon technique you can use to put a custom angle along the edge of a drawer face, in order to help make the gap around the drawer face perfectly even and consistent. This works on cabinet doors too.
  • 3 steps you must take when dovetailing on the table saw to end up with perfect tails.
  • Always hold your boards like this to make the dovetail joint come out clean and consistent, while fitting tight and accurately.
  • Use the Dovetailing jig like this to remove 90% of the "Difficult" part of cutting accurate tails and pins.
  • How to make a rough-sawn, irregular shaped board safe for using with the rip fence.
  • 3 shop-made tools you should use every time you cut a thin strip from a piece of wood.
  • How to make your own table saw sled runners so you don't have to buy those expensive plastic or aluminum ones.
  • Stop over-complicating cutting circles on your band saw! This simple jig I designed and built in an hour is almost impossible to mess up, and produces perfect circles every time!
  • The one thing you MUST use when cutting narrow pieces that will keep strips of wood from falling against your blade and the motor's arbor.
  • Are you setting up your miter gauge for a 45 degree cut the wrong way, resulting in inaccurate miter cuts on your table saw? I can fix that.
  • Say goodbye to wasting away half of your stock in the thickness planer. Use this technique to turn a thick board into multiple thinner boards, with very little waste.
  • How to properly set the main safety feature with a thin-rip push block, so you can cut with confidence.
  • Use this special combination of 1 sled, 1 attachment, and 1 block of wood, to cut precision strips of really thin wood down to 1/16", great for making veneer edge-banding, or inlay that can be easily curved.
  • The exact steps to follow that will transfer the positioning of a dado to multiple work pieces, when using a single, standard blade.
  • The 2 things you MUST use to make the depth of your rabbets end up consistent and even. This is must-have technique when building cabinets or book cases.
  • The exact jig I use to create my own hardwood runners, inlay strips, and even loose tenons from any stock.
  • The simplest and quickest customized fence you can use to instantly have a better-functioning miter gauge.
  • Why your miter gauge may not be the best tool for making picture frames, and how you can instead use a custom sled to get better results.
  • Say goodbye to the complicated, mathematical method for adding the popular rustic "X" feature to a cabinet door. Use this method instead, it's easy and fool proof.
"I find this resource a valuable addition to my library of reference materials. I have built the table saw cross cut sled and the dovetail jigs that go with it.

Your tips are insightful and relevant to what most of us intermediate beginner woodworkers need to know and don’t have the time to discover on our own."
Mike H.
State College, PA

Yes, that’s a tremendous amount of helpful, game-changing content for small-shop woodworkers.

But it gets better, because you’re also getting:

Bonus #1 – “Make Money Woodworking” ebook

  • How to make money selling wood furniture and small wood projects so you can make some extra cash to fund your hobby, or eventually turn it into a full-time woodworking business.
  • How to do market research that uncovers high-volume and popular crafts selling right now, so you can stop making wild guesses and ending up with projects that no one wants.
  • Ways to improve your profit margins without sacrificing customers, or quality, so as you gain traction with your business, you can increase profits and speed up growth.
  • How to build a loyal following of satisfied, repeat buyers, so you can always sell new pieces and designs to a group of raving fans.
  • How to continuously attract new buyers to your products, so you can keep identifying those raving fans and growing your repeat buyer list.
  • Tons more in this 151 page “A to Z” complete guide

Bonus #2 – The “Woodworker’s Resources” page

  • Access to the single most helpful page I've ever created
  • Every online source I’ve ever found for project plans
  • Links to TONS of woodworking plans, the overwhelming majority of them being FREE, like probably 99% or so
  • I’ve kept my list organized and relevant. I revisit the page time to time to check for bad links and add anything new I've found.
  • If you ever need project ideas or free plans (even just for inspiration) this massive list of online resources will become your best friend!

Bonus #3 – Printable Charts and Templates

  • A great collection of printables you'll want to get in your shop ASAP
  • Measurement conversion chart
  • Bolt & Screw size conversion chart
  • Pilot and Clearance hole chart
  • Wood hardness chart
  • Various push stick & push shoe templates
  • Clamping jig templates

Bonus #4 – “Setting Up Shop” ebook

  • Discover 3 websites that will save you up to 70% on power tools! (while including return policies), so you can finally upgrade some of those old tools you got from an auction 10 years ago.
  • 3 premade woodworking tools lists for different budgets, with prices and sources included, so you don't have to waste hours coming up with a list from scratch.
  • Many additional tool websites listed, great for catching seasonal promotions and sales, so you always have stores to check out during the holidays.
  • How to heat and cool your shop, so you can actually be comfortable and enjoy your hobby year round.
  • How to control humidity, so you don't have to worry about all your cast iron surfaces rusting!
  • How to sound proof your shop, so you can stop getting those pesky neighbor complaints.
  • How to layout your shop for better productivity and work flow, so you can actually function like a real, professional wood shop.
  • And More!

Is this starting to sound like something you should be a part of?

Here’s what to do next…

The cost of this membership is LESS THAN $6 PER MONTH!

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And you can keep everything you’ve downloaded!

Membership fees are charged annually, but there’s 2 different options for payment, I’ll explain below.

Here’s how to join:

Scroll down from here, find the “Sign Up Here” button, choose a payment plan, fill out your information which will create your account, then your payment info.

Your access will be granted immediately and you’ll be able to download any and all plans you want, and watch all the video content, plus the bonuses.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

There’s No Catch!

Everything listed above is instantly accessible and incredibly useful for woodworkers.

And even all the project hardware and parts are listed on my resources page so you can easily find the exact things that I used when building them for my shop.

What you’re getting here for less than $6/mo is access to everything above, without any obligation to stay.

Plain and simple. No catch. Cancel anytime.

But Time Is Of The Essence!

The plans inside alone are worth way more than the cost of membership.

The bonuses alone are worth multiple times the cost of membership.

I could keep going on. But basically, you’re getting everything at a huge discount!

And because of that…

I don’t know how long I’m going to hold this pricing. 

You see I keep adding more videos and more projects and more plans over time, and members get access to it all.

So the more content that is available, the more I’ll have to charge for access.

But by joining now, you can lock in the current price…

"Your membership fee is very reasonable considering the ample content you provide and your references to other sites with free plans is mind blowing to say the least.

My money was well spent when I decided to sign up to your site Adam, thank you and keep up the great content, it is much appreciated.

You present a professional yet homely and approachable way to doable wood working. Someone should give you a pat on the back for doing what you do.

May you continue your good work for many years to come. Thanks and praise is all I can give you."
Ron M.
Brisbane, Queensland
“The new sled is complete and I love it!! Used the 45-degree jig and got a perfect picture frame.

I added a place to hold my pencils, square and tape measure since I’m always looking for one. Thanks for the great plans!”
Cody S.
Chicago, IL

What If I Throw In Another Bonus?

If you join now, I’ll even give you access to my Dovetail Box Mastery course!

Bonus #5 – Dovetail Box Mastery Course

This is an online video training course, highly detailed, nothing left out.

20 videos long, hours of content.

Up close and personal, over-the-shoulder training.

From initial dimensions, to marking and cutting, to using the jigs, cleaning up the cuts, fine-tuning the joints, the entire glue-up process, fixing gaps, and more.

I will walk you through building this box from scratch…

Check out a few screenshots from the videos:

After taking this course, you’ll be able to confidently create impressive, beautiful dovetail projects of all kinds!

Here’s what you’ll learn in Dovetail Box Mastery…

  • How to lay out your project pieces the best way to prep for making the dovetail joints.
  • Use a stop-block this way to make sure your pieces come out to exact, identical dimensions.
  • At what point you should be pre-sanding the work pieces (but only to a certain grit).
  • Use this trick to mark your cuts and practically eliminate the chance of messing up.
  • Learn my exact steps, in the right order, for marking certain parts of the joint before your initial cuts, and other parts of the joint afterwards.
  • Use this unusual trick when transfering your marks from tails to pins, which makes the whole process 10x easier, and still results in a better, tighter dovetail joint.
  • How to set up your work bench for fine-tuning dovetails when you don't have a bench vise.
  • Tricks on using your chisel in a way that leaves a crisp, clean shoulder for your pin boards and your tail boards.
  • Learn this one AMAZING trick for filling gaps in your dovetails, which results in a joint that looks even tighter and crisper than it would be otherwise.
  • Get close up, detailed video with full commentary on properly using the table saw sled dovetailing attachment. The process is easily confused, so I make sure to clear it up for you.
  • How to hold your work piece and easily tell what step to take next in order to fine-tune the fit for a tighter joint.
  • What kind of glue you should be using for your dovetail joinery, and why (hint - it's not regular pva wood glue). Plus I'll give you a tip that makes this type of glue easier to work with.
  • Learn the right way to clamp a dovetail box together. This applies on drawers too. You'll need this for a good glue up, so take good notes.
  • Critical takeaways - Learn the correct way to flatten and smoothen your dovetail joints without ruining the project. 2 Critical steps you MUST take during this process to get it right.
  • Learn the 2 different methods you can use for cleaning up glue squeeze out on dovetail joints.
  • Learn the EXACT method I use to create the beautiful curved decorative design. This technique can be used on all kinds of projects.
  • When doing the curve technique, I've got several tricks I picked up to get the precision I wanted along the way, which I lay out in detail through the videos.
  • Learn how you can use a simple polyurethane technique to produce professional and long-lasting results for your dovetail box.

And just to make sure you don’t feel like this is too risky, I also will offer you the…

The Boldest Guarantee In The World

I 100% guarantee you’ll love Wood Shop Essentials and the included Bonuses or I’ll return you’re full investment, plus you can keep everything you’ve already downloaded anyway. This guarantee is for 60 days!

That’s right, if you really don’t like what I have for you, just message me within 60 days of purchase from the member’s area, or send me an email, ask for a refund, and I’ll give you your money back.

How’s that for fair?

This is truly a limited offer so jump in before the price goes back up.

"Thanks for Wood Shop Essentials, it has been truly inspirational and I look forward to seeing more on it."
Jon H.
Cape Girardeau, MO
"...Nice additions to my shop. Can’t believe I’ve lived this long without these! I have to say, your designs are based on Woodworking experiences. Glad I joined!"
Rick K.
Nashville, TN

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Join

Table Saw Mastery Bundle
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  • Premium Table Saw Sled
  • Taper / Jointer Sled
  • Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence
  • Thin-Rip Push Block
The Wood Shop Transformation Bundle
$75 Value
  • Drill Press Caddy / Workstation
  • Benchtop Router Table
  • Super-Storage Work Bench
  • Table Saw Outfeed / Assembly Table
  • Space-Saving Clamp Hanger Rack
Joinery Perfection Bundle
$59 Value
  • Table Saw Box Joint Jig
  • Router Mortising Jig
  • Table Saw Dovetailing Jig
The "Handy Helpers" Bundle
$59 Value
  • Woodworker’s Moxon Vise
  • Picture Frame Clamping Jig
  • Drawer Pull Installation Jig
  • Wood Shaving Jig
The "Skill Builders" Bundle
$34 Value
  • 7 Furniture Project Plans
  • Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level
  • In-demand projects you can sell when complete!
Step By Step Build-Guide Videos
$29 Value
  • Build Guide – Moxon Vise
  • Build Guide – Box Joint Jig
  • Bonus Build Guide – Sofa Arm Table
Training Vault Access
$59 Value
  • Online Tutorial Video Library
  • Beginner Basics Training
  • Technique-Focused Training
  • Jig and Sled Instructional Training
$219 Value
  • Ebook – Make Money Woodworking
    ($97 Value)
  • Handy Shop Charts and Templates
    ($19 Value)
  • The Woodworkers Resources Page
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  • Ebook – Setting Up Shop
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  • Dovetail Box Mastery Course
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“These plans are great and really easy to follow. I’m very new to woodworking and have just started setting up shop, so having a set of plans to kick-start me in the wonderful world of jigs is a real blessing. And they really are easy to follow: They’re well thought out, clear and comprehensive, leaving absolutely nothing to guesswork…”

~ Peter from the United Kingdom


“The plans are great. Some of the best I have seen for detail and explaining things to this noob…”

~ Brad D. from Lenexa, Kansas


“…My first thought was that the sled plans alone are worth what I paid for access. I’m not much of a woodworker but I think with WSE I can get a lot better.”

~ Jerry S. from New Caney, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

I made Wood Shop Essentials with the beginner-intermediate woodworker in mind. But to get the most out of it, you should have at least basic working knowledge of your power tools, making cuts, and shop safety.

Otherwise, I’ve made the plans very easy to follow and understand, so beginners can easily make sense of them. 

Plus, these jigs and other tool enhancers are incredibly useful for beginners . . . and you won’t outgrow them anytime soon! In fact, I still use them myself for projects in the intermediate-advanced range.

If you need help getting over common beginner hurdles, the Wood Shop Essentials Video Training Vault has tool-specific videos geared towards new woodworkers. I also have a lot of free content for beginners on my blog, The Power Tools Website.

I custom design and create all the plans myself using professional software . . . so no. While it’s possible you can find similar plans scattered around the web, these particular plans can only be found on Wood Shop Essentials.

You should also consider the potential cost of using free plans. Free plans come with zero support . . . and if they’re poorly designed or poorly explained, you may be left high and dry in the middle of a project. That means wasted time and wasted materials. 

But when you join Wood Shop Essentials, you’ll get email support from me personally. 

And I stand behind my plans 100%, so I also offer a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee. That means I have a real incentive to make sure my plans are accurate and helpful and do what I say they’ll do. 

That’s something you won’t get with any free plan you find online.

Most of the training and projects inside Wood Shop Essentials focus on just three tools:

table saw, 
router, and 
drill press. 

With just these three tools, you can accomplish so many awesome things in a woodshop!

You should also have some basic hand tools. For example, you’ll need a way to cut curves. If you don’t have a scroll or band saw, you can use a jigsaw, or even a coping saw. You’ll also need a drill and a pocket hole jig.

In each project I lay out all the tools and bits required to complete the project — that way there are no surprises halfway through.

If you’re a complete beginner and have no tools, you’ll need to invest in the basics. To help you, as a member of Wood Shop Essentials you’ll get access to a bonus ebook, Setting Up Shop. This ebook includes shopping lists for all budgets, plus handy money-saving tips for your tool purchases.

All Wood Shop Essentials plans, as well as the included furniture projects, I make with both imperial and metric measurements included.

Depending on where you are, some items I use may or may not be easy for you to find locally. 

I typically use Amazon to find items I can’t find easily in my area. 

To make sure you can find what you need, when you join Wood Shop Essentials, you’ll get access to my Project Material Sources page. This page includes Amazon links to the items I vouch for and personally use when building my jigs and sleds.

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And sometimes I’m sent progress pictures from other members… can you guess which project most members start with?

Member Project Photos

“…The plans are really detailed and very clear and they show everything that you need to do in easy to understand steps.

There is a board cutting plan to start the process off and several elevated views so you can see exactly what you need to do from all angles and around 20 pages that covers the whole job [table saw sled] from start to finish.

Adam emailed me a few days after downloading the plans to see if I had any questions and I thought this was excellent aftercare service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and no doubt will be back for more plans once the sled is finished."
Glyn J.
Ipswich, England

“I love the wood plans. Very easy to follow, everything is in such detail. I am glad to be a member…”

~ Ken F. from Ocean Springs, Mississippi


“Thanks for the plans. I think it took me 2 pretty solid days and every tool in my arsenal. Now I need a project to use it on. Note the drill press caddy in the background. Love that one, too.”

~ Don P. from Fort Myers, Florida

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  • Drill Press Caddy / Workstation
  • Benchtop Router Table
  • Super-Storage Work Bench
  • Table Saw Outfeed / Assembly Table
  • Space-Saving Clamp Hanger Rack
Joinery Perfection Bundle
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  • Table Saw Box Joint Jig
  • Router Mortising Jig
  • Table Saw Dovetailing Jig
The "Handy Helpers" Bundle
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  • Picture Frame Clamping Jig
  • Drawer Pull Installation Jig
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  • 7 Furniture Project Plans
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